Sep 18, 2009

Nestle Cerelac (the power of Brand)

We are familiar with the name, Cerelac and not only familiar but also consumers too.... Whenever somo one (parents) thinks about the product in baby food category for their babies, the first and the last name comes in their mind is Cerelac. Why Nestle Cerelac is so popular and authentic brand, the reason is Nestle that communicates itself as 'Good food, good life'. Cerelac is a name of quality and best food for babies and the positioning statement of Cerelac also tells the same as, 'best start to a healthier future'.

The market for baby food in Pakistan increased between 2000-2005, growing at an anuual rate of 5.4%. The leading company in the market i Nestle S.A.
Nestle Cerelac is a baby cereal and mothers start giving it to
their child from age 6 months to three (3) years.
Product class: Foods & Beverages
Product category: Baby Food
Product type: Baby cereal
175 g                                     
Size: 25 g, 175 g, 350 g    

Nestle has its own development nutrition plan which consists of three stages as:
Stage one: Gentle first food; Crelac rice, Cerelac wheat
Stage two: New taste; Cerelac wheat 3-fruits, Banana, and Honey
Stage three: Richer taste & texture; Cerelac wheat 5-fruits, apple & orange pieces
Why Cerelac: (The reason of Success)

First of all consumers expects that the products must fullfill the core benefits attached with it. E.g, they demand a nutritious diet for their babies which build a strong immunity system in babies against diseases. And only the Cerelac that best fullfil their expectations.
The core benefit - acomplete diet for babies as it has 12 vitamins, 5 minerals, calcium and iron. Then it has variety and asortment; available in different tastes and textures. The new variation in texture imcludes fruit pieces in cereal which help babies in learning how to chew the brand.
Nestle Cerelac is available every where in the market and provides convinience to customers and it has high quality with deep assortment. Most importantly, Nestle Cerelac has its own 'Development Nutrition Plan' which guides the parents that which things are important and at what stage.

So that's why one can say that Cerelac is a best star of one's life and offcourse future too.

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