Apr 12, 2010

Brand Management’s Importance in Affiliate Marketing

In advanced affiliate marketing concepts, the name, ‘affiliate brands’ has more worth and identity as compare to ‘affiliate sites’.
While making your affiliate site a successful brand, you have need to do following;
- Start buying domains which are easily converted to brands. Including a key word in your domain is good strategy, but brand management is most important and necessary.
- Differentiate yourself from others and add value for your customers.
    Creating a point of difference means creating a brand
In old business strategies, affiliate sites are based on keywords variations – some keywords identified in a article and linked to the site, anybody who then read the article click on the keyword and get access to the affiliate site. But in today’s economy, these tactics are not proven best.
Now you must think on creating a unique, powerful brand. Look at the example of Shopping.com, the site is nothing more than an affiliate data feed collector. However with the help of strong memorable domain and by giving consumers the facility to do product reviews, they able to create a strong point of difference – brand.
There are the following key steps that are helpful in creating a strong affiliate brand;
- Buy domain names that are memorable and easily converted into brands.
- Make sure that most of the content in your website is unique, compelling and most importantly looks interactive.
- Encourage users to participate in the online forums, communities and must allow user-generated content.
- Focus on points of difference – what other sites not offering and what customers actually want.
Affiliate marketing is a complete business entity, not only a source of generating sales. By putting little efforts, you can able to earn great profits through your affiliate brand.
  Must consider, branding is the philosophy of changing minds.

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