Apr 9, 2010

Online Brand Development

Your Domain Name can be your successful brand. The only need is to analyze what users want from you and what are their perceptions about your site. And how you satisfy them more and drive more traffic.

The first important thing in online brand development is Loge, Slogan and USP - Unique Selling Prepositions that you are going to be placed in user's mind. Repetition is must..you have to convey the same massage with same content and design again and again so that users can able to recall your brand.
The Next is the, 'active social media presence'. You have to go in online forums, publish articles, arrange online discussion sessions, develop blogs and must use social media included; facebook, twitter, myspace, linkdin and many more. The more you socially active the more you get traffic.
While doing social marketing, you have to know your fans and followers and their needs too. Discuss with them and share ideas rather then only focus on postings.
Every article or blog you post must have link to your site and branding copy - logo, tag line and USP so that every reader know about you and your business.
Develop auto respondents (Automatic response to users' email if they want to know more.
Develop customized newsletter for your clients and users. Give them access to write reviews.
Now customer wants more convinience and care. Make your site interactive in order to get users retention.
No idea or strategy is failed if implemented properly.
             Must remember, branding is the philosophy of changing minds.

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