Apr 16, 2010

Online Brand Development

For developing online brand, first and important thing is your perceptions about the internet medium, take your site as a business. In order to drive more traffic on your website, you must develop following strategies.

  • First and important thing is ' know your audience and indentify their needs'
Do research on your target market, make decisions on, either you target whole internet audience or ready for dividing them into segments. Do surveys and try to analyse what are the similarities with your site users adn what they want from you. try to identify their problems and find the possible solutions too.

  • Develop the necessary brand elements - Logo, Slogan and Value Proposition.
design the best logo for your website and position it in a unique and differentiated way. Develop tag line for your business that communicates your offerings in a unique way to users. Try to develop USP - Unique selling propositions that you offer

  • Promote your brand through social marketing activities
You must have active social media presence. Post on facebook, twitter and other social media and convey your massage. Publish articles and develop blogs that communicate your business. USe You Tube to promote your online brand. More you socially active more you get traffic.

  • Advertise your online brand (Website)
Use PPC (Pay per click) advertising for getting more traffic and attracting potential users. Try to use CPA, affiliate marketing also. While advertising online, must deeply analyse what are those keywords you select and in what ways they place and are these keywords related with your business and meaningfull or not .

  • Provide users  communication facilities including; online forum and communities.  
Provide the interactive place to users where they can share their experiences and exchange views. Your unique users are your partners too - they give reviews about your services on forums and communities you build and also refer other potential clients.

Branding is the philosophy of changing minds, must think.

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