Apr 23, 2010

Public Relations - One Important Online Branding Strategy

A public relations (PR) is a skill applied for receiving exposure and know how. It is one of the important strategies of marketing communication mix. Marketers used PR for building reputation and promoting brands among their customers and business partners. A Public Relations is the important strategy of developing an online brand.
There are specialists, PR professionals who focus on building such a relationships with publics that help in establishing repo. Public relations is very much differ from advertising, it is intangible and sometimes work for free and from anybody; customer, employee, owner, media, or some other. They basically want to get what are the customers’ top positive associations related with brand. So they better able to make their offerings more unique and attractive.
There are many different types of tools that can be used for practicing public relation. Tradition tools including, press releases, annual reports, media kits, brochures. They are still very useful till now, especially press releases. It gives credibility to the business and builds trust too. But there is a world of IT and for getting success you must move from traditional approach to interactive social media.
For getting success and implementing best strategies for public relations, someone must have complete knowledge about his/her target audience. You must know about your target audience, for which you tailor the massage. Your target audience can be a small niche (Small Consumer segment) or whole world. But in order to get best results, you should divide the audience geographically, demographically or psycho graphically.
Many companies use interactive social media for building a good repo and image. The most common types and sources of interactive social media are blogs, articles, Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. Social media allows companies to engage in two way communications. And they will able to receive immediate feedback from their stakeholders and public. Customers and other public to feel convenience and recognition while interacting with company through social media. It now becomes the habit of almost all the people to use Twitter and Facebook.
Even the best plans and ideas are failed if executed poorly, must think. You can change the minds of customers by implementing useful online branding strategies – social media.

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