May 14, 2010

Web Site-Digital communication & Motivational factors to use it!

The new age is of digital communication and web is one source of it. It is not just an advertising medium but a place to do marketing. Like other advertising medium it is not a simple one sometimes to draw a bright and differentiated line between tasks such as advertising, selling, retailing, delivery of services, and production of product, marketing research, and even the prices.
The positive side of web is it not solely focuses on marketing but a whole market making process and for multiple industrial sectors. Web is now-a-days playing as a marketplace successor with the all distinctive features of television, radio, newspapers, telephone, and e-mail. The other astonishing factor is it becoming transaction cost near to zero day by day. Customer quick feedback and strong consumers and seller relationship also is being developed rapidly.
Web is cultivating consumers’ communities which are actually being utilized by the marketers as a strong brand or product market research. Some amazing facts of using web are entertainment and relaxation. Most customers are happy because through the use of this source of digital technology finally they get rid of the slow transmission, lack of trust, and other privacy issues.
Researchers have showed previously that from other several different sources it is best even in the form of services offered, exposure of different products and addressability of product promotional campaigns. Ultimately it is also seeing as a uniquely responsive application in business. Simply when a consumer visits a web site many cycles of send and respond occurs just in a short span of time. Consumers are crazy for web site visit as it is an on home activity plus it has an interactive mode.
Moreover, to update a web site is a simple job than other sources of communication such as ad catalog. Consumer can select and explore any kind of information due to the search engines offered by the web site. It has a capacity to store the information of even since 50 years. Consumers can explore anything from everywhere without any limitation of place and time. In my belief it is a positive step towards the increasingly interactive future of marketing. It is based on pull strategy consumers can only get those information which they consider vital. But in an epitome in Pakistan it is not in an initial stage till know on the other hand in western countries it has gained the maturity. The things discussed above are all similar but the most sensitive issue is people is not coming to e-commerce utilities due to the fear factor one can say the lack of trustworthiness. That’s why Pakistanis’ are reluctant to implement the advance technology and sophisticated methods of living.

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