Jul 17, 2010

Nestle Cerelac Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid (CBBE)

CBBE has bottom to top 4-levels as: 
1 – Level: Salience
Salience means awareness. Nestle Cerelac has high brand awareness among its customers. This awareness includes information as it is commonly used for babies as a nutritious food. It is available in various new tastes and new textures along with a reasonable assortment (350gm, 175gm and 25gm sachet pack) for the customers’ convenience. 
2 – Level: Performance (Left-hand side) & Imagery (Right-hand side)
As far as performance is concerned Nestle Cerelac is a nutritious product. It contains Bifidobacterium Lactic which is also present in the breast milk and improves the digestive immunity of the upset tummies. It is a kind of positive bacteria and it kills the harmful negative bacteria. Moreover it has 7 minerals and 12 vitamins which are essential for  healthier babies.
Nestle Cerelac has an image that it is a completely balance diet for healthier, active and energetic babies among its customers. Balance diet means which contains appropriate ratio of minerals, vitamins, iron and calcium in the food. It makes mothers feel free and relax about its child diet plan. And that it is a consumer-centric product which focuses on the consumers’ specific needs.
3 – Level: Judgments (Left-hand side) & Feelings (Right-hand side)
Customers judge Nestle Cerelac on its quality dimension. They see it is a best quality food available in the market for babies. Second judgment they have that it is an innovative as well as a reliable product. The name of Nestle brings credibility with Cerelac. They know that it is a pioneer brand and market leader so they feel the brand superiority in the market. 
Customers feel that the brand evokes the sense of calmness and peacefulness in them. Also the usage of brand brings the sense of security and comfort.
4 – Level: Resonance
Resonance means the ultimate social status of the brand and how much loyal customers the brand has. Nestle Cerelac has 40% loyal customers and repeat purchase is near about 65%.  As it is a quality symbol in society as a result people have affiliation with it. Feel a sense of community by using Cerelac as society is accepting it. And for making this bond even stronger company has a “Medical detailing team” for mothers. This team consists of 18,000 doctors belongs to the whole country. At this stage people are in active engagement with the brand with the team. 

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