Jul 11, 2010


Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) is a technique for eliciting interconnected constructs that influence thought and behavior.
It is used to measure the brand equity. This tool can help companies in creating positive associations with customers. This works most, as by talking the brand in the form of story , marketer better able to grab the attention of customers and touch their feelings.

Nestle Cerelac is the leading brand in baby food category. See how Cerelac brand equity measure through ZMET technique. By using this example, you can better able to apply this tool and increase you brand's overall worth.

Miss Sana was very tense about her first child because he was very weak and always crying. She prepared food by mixing different thing for the baby to make him strong but she didn’t know which food is better and which is not for the baby. She had visited the doctor for the check up of baby in order to know the problem with her baby. After the check up the doctor find out that the baby didn’t get the right food needed for the growth. The doctor told Miss Sana that how she can meet the requirements of the essential vitamins and minerals for her baby. Doctor advised Miss Sana to give rice or wheat cereal initially (For 8 months) and then she can use banana, honey and other fruits along with cereal for her baby. So, she started giving her baby rice and wheat cereal. After 8 months she also added banana, honey and other fruit pieces in her baby’s diet. Miss Sana used what the doctor told her and the baby become to strong and healthy day by day. She was very happy of the results. And now she tells her friends about the experience she has faced and guides them to use right food for their babies

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