Aug 5, 2010

Brand in focus - HOM (Habib Oil Mills)

Habib Oil Mills (HOM) is one of the most trusted brand names in Pakistan and is a proven leader in the cooking oil and banaspati segment. The company produces premium brand cooking oils and hydrogenated cooking mediums and markets the products through its own distribution network. The manufacturing facility of HOM is equipped with a continuous process plant, which enables production without any human interference. HOM has an excellent in-house packaging facility which includes tin, pouch and bottle filling coupled with shrink-wrapping, induction sealing, automatic labeling and carton machine. The company has 435 plus distributors all over Pakistan, catering to approximately 50,000 retail outlets throughout the country.
Within the cooking oil and banaspati segment, the company manufactures a variety of products ranging from household to industrial and bakery food items; mainly for cooking, frying, puffing, creaming and baking purpose. HOM’s mission statement “Largest provider of healthy foods and beverages affordable by all” clearly signifies its aim to be the pioneer in providing what the consumers need. The company has successfully obtained the ISO-9002, ISO 14000 & ISO-22000 quality system certifications. “HOM” is the first company to achieve such certifications in Pakistan within the vegetable oils & fats sector.
HOM has been active and responsive. Habib Cooking Oil commenced a hearty campaign called, “Dil ki batoon ko Dil wala hi samjhta hai” last year. The main objective of the campaign was to introduce and use ‘heart’ as a communication element because it is a vital organ from which feelings are felt and emotions take birth. With having a diverse portfolio of cooking oils, HOM has recently added two more branches to its production, Habib Masala and Water. These initiatives will not only fulfill consumers’ needs but also give them a broader range and variety to explore.
The relationship of customers with Habib has spanned over 50 years. Throughout this relationship company has always endeavored to provide customers with the highest quality, which is why they have trusted and made a part of their family all products from HOM. With this confidence, HOM now brings for you recipe Masala by the name of “Habib Masala Mix”.
Customers’ benefits on using Habib Masala Mix are as: Habib Masala Mix uses superior quality ingredients hence giving every dish the real taste and aroma. Habib Masala Mix is free from the effects of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which is an artificial flavor that other companies are using to enhance the taste of food. Habib Masala Mix puts together time-honored traditions and modern needs. Its natural ingredients are packaged in a new nylon packing to retain the freshness of the Recipe Masala. The culinary experience is redefined with Habib Masala Mix regardless of what oil is used, enhancing the flavor, aroma and color of your food. The variants of Habib Masala Mix are available in attractive sachets for 1 kg and ½ kg meat.
Habib is a customer-centric organization. It believes in creativity & innovation for customer satisfaction. Company takes care of its customers’ taste & health requirements. It also focuses on budget cooking of its customers’ in a way through its assortments & packaging.  

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