Aug 22, 2010

Brand in focus: Marie Claire

The perfect outfit, the perfect hair style and delicate jewellery all these things have no meaning without the perfect pair of shoes.  What better place to spend ones’ money than “Marie Claire”, the sensation of “Bata” shoes that quenches the ladies thirst for shoes. For any successful business the only thing matter for retail especially is the “Location” factor. Although, the internal shop environments like temperature, humidity, lighting and sitting issues add spice to the sales factor. 

Stylish and spacious are two words that instantly capture ones’ mind when he/she notice the huge “Marie Claire” outlet from the outside. Glass doors and windows pave way to a place that can be called a haven for shoe attractors. The interior has been minimally furnished with glass racks and white walls that are not only easy on the eyes but also help to bring attention to the real thing, off course, the Shoes.
“Marie Claire” has a vast variety of shoes which includes high heel, slip on, ballet flat, wedges and sandals. Hence, there is a shoe for every occasion. Whether it is for a formal dinner party or a casual night out “Marie Claire” will cater to all customers needs. This diverse array of shoes are elegant, trendy and comfortable, a perfect combination that is hard to get by some other place is concerned. 
Shoes are not the only thing that one would find at “Marie Claire”. Luckily, the shop also sells clutches and bags which are gracefully designed and are available in unusual colors ranging from burgundy to tawny to white. Even one can accentuate all her outfits with not just the perfect Shoe, but also the perfect bag. Moreover, ankle socks and beige stockings are also available at Marie Claire. So if one wants to cover his feet in winters without coming off as a fashion disaster then “Marie Claire” has a solution at right price. 
By and large, when one come across something that seems perfect in all respects, their offensive prices trump any plans or desires one had of buying it but such is not the case with “Marie Claire”. The shoes at “Marie Claire” start up at Rs.1000 and go up to Rs.3000 on average. Now this might seem affected to some factors but in reality it is quite reasonable. If it happens to visit some other designer shoe stores like Charles and Keith and Tracy and Belle, one had end up paying big currency just to breathe in the store instead of actually buying a shoe pair. Indeed the prices are higher than the traditional “khusas” and “chappals” but it is quite justified since the designs are unique and the variety is vast. Clutches and bags fall into the price range of Rs.1000 to Rs.2000 or so which is like what one have to pay if  went to other contemporary store like Cross-Roads.
Splendid designs, inspiring interior and reasonable prices; with this package one have think about this brand that is too good and true. The outlet has to major issue that could possibly be come with critical issues in forward directions. First one is the salesmen are lazy and too engrossed in their own world to properly assist the customers. Secondly, there is the issue of sizes. All those beautiful shoes and one still can`t buy them it’s just because there are not enough sizes available. This provokes frustration and irritation among customers who come all the way to treat themselves with a beautiful pair of shoes and end up leaving empty handed. “Marie Claire” seriously needs to probe into this issue before this could have adverse effect on its clients. 

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