Sep 2, 2010

Brand in focus: LU

It began in 1850. Two young French bakers named as Lefevre & Utile fell in love. Soon they get married and began creating exquisite biscuits together. They proudly imprinted with their two initials, LU. Their passion for fine ingredients and distinctive, original biscuits inspires every LU biscuit baked till today. So, basically it is a French biscuit manufacturer. 
Manufacturing biscuits comprises a number of steps: 1) Flour and sugar is dispensed into large mixers. The ingredients that are used in smaller quantities are hand weighed and added into the mixing bowl for each batch of dough to be mixed. 2) The ingredients are then mixed to form dough in the mixing bowl according to a specific mixing procedure. 3) The dough is then tipped into a hopper and gravity-fed into the dough sheeting section of the machine. In this process the dough is fed through various rollers to form a sheet of dough. Depending on what type of biscuit is being produced, this process varies. 4) Different forming techniques are used to get the required shape and size of the piece of dough which will form the biscuit. 
5) The raw biscuits are transported through a gas-fired oven on a metal conveyor band where they are baked to form fresh, warm and deliciously smelling biscuits. Biscuits are baked rather than fried, so the oil merely assists the flavor particles to cling to the biscuit surface. The flavored biscuits then travel along a cooling conveyor in order to cool off. 6) Once the biscuits have been cooled, they are packed into wrappers, cartons and cases, ready for distribution to one of the warehouses. 7) Quality checks are conducted at key points in the process to ensure process control and product quality is constantly maintained at a high standard. 8) The finished product is then transported to warehouses. Stock is loaded as per delivery orders and sent to the various distributors. 
These are available in abandoned varieties like Cinnamon Sugar Spice, Cream Roll, Digestive, Chocolate, Le Fondant, Le Petit Beurre, Le Petit Ecolier, Noir Extreme, PiM’s Biscuit, Rich Tea Biscuit, and LU Short bread. But it also varies from country to country due to their consumers taste variation. The company sometimes collects personal information from consumers via direct mail, questionnaires, sweepstakes, contests, product packaging, in-store promotions, and through our corporate and product web sites. This information is then used for the betterment of certain policies and especially for product development after all the company is a food company so it has to access a number of consumer all over the world but company never ever disclose any kind of information to any other party unless it is not necessarily important for certain advertising agencies to make advertising according to consumers culture, social class, education all those things which are directly attach to the brand positioning strategy.
LU advertising always based on the very sensational demonstration of the actual product. The ingredients are almost in every commercial are being exposed to the consumers so that they feel entirely satisfied about what they are actually taking in their diet. The first AD of LU was around a schoolboy story that is a big fan of biscuits and also the biscuit is meeting his daily energy requirement. That AD was a state of art thing at that time and since then LU is using story like format and use of artistic touch in the form of music, painting, or natural beauty in its each & every AD. 

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