Sep 14, 2010

Brand in focus: Nestle Fruita Vitals

Recently Nestle change its juices brand name as Nestle Fruita Vitals. This is due to many new entrants in the juices product category. Till now Nestle is the market leader. But to become a market leader and gaining such type of success is not an easy task and requires a lot time & efforts. 
The brand Nestle Juices always keep in mind the consumer variations in not only in taste but also in their drastically changing western lifestyle. It is available in many flavors like Orange, Apple Nectar, Red Grape Nectar, Pineapple Nectar, Chaunsa Nectar, Guava Nectar, Mango, and Orange Mango drinks. 
Nestle Orange Fruita Vital is low in calories and rich in fiber and vitamin C. It is the most beneficial drink to health among all juices.  Moreover, it is the one who is equally good for the health of a diabetic patient as it contains no addititive sugar. It can be use as an anti-oxidant which reduces the factor of aging. Having Orange juice everyday is a great way of strengthening the body resistance against infections and diseases. It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
In Nestle Fruita Vital Apple Nectar have no fat and any kind of other cholesterol elements. It is being prepared through the finest quality apples and 100% clear drink. Nestle Fruita Vital Red Grape Nectar have beautiful red color drink. It is very much popular among children as well as other age groups. Red Grape has a unique property to clean internal body organisms. It is also a fabulous source of Vitamin C and Potassium which helps in regulating the body against all heart diseases and high blood pressure. 
Nestle Pineapple Nectar is also a smart choice for Vitamin C and it is also can be use as an anti-oxidant. The other function of an anti-oxidant is to prevent body functions from free radicals which are the main cause of aging. Made from premium pineapples Nestle Fruita Vitals Pineapple Nectar brings the exotic taste of pineapples with a refreshing tropical flavor. Nestle Fruita Vital Chaunsa Nectar is prepared from the finest quality Chaunsa mangoes that are procured from the best fruit farms. The 100% rich mango nectar is nutritious, refreshing and wonderfully delicious. It helps to replenish the lost vigor during workouts and enhances the fitness by providing fortified energy endowed with dietary fiber, Vitamin A, C & E. 
A chilled glass of pink Nestle Fruita Vital Guava Nectar is not only great in taste but is also wholesome in antioxidants making it very nutritious. Guava Nectar is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Niacin and due to excessive fiber content it is an effective fat burner. The refreshing burst of fruity fun of Nestle Mango fruit drink made with the juiciest, sweetest mangos to bring up the taste to buds. Feel and discover Nestle Orange Mango fruit drink made with the racy, sharp oranges and mangoes is really a worthy treat to its consumers.
Nestle Fruita Vitals have a lot of competitors like Shezan, Fresher and now Engro’s “Olpers Olfrute”. None of them could attain a hype or even a fed and nor could be in as a fashion or trend. Introducing a product as a brand initially is can be just happen in a limited days but developing and grooming it for life time is far away from it. Actually Products are made in the factory but surely brands are created in the minds. 


  1. What is wrong with NESTLE????! They keep disappointing me day by day! First the copy of Lacnor packaging and now the so called fruit revolution! It's more of a failure revolution! You launch the activity for us users without taking a look at it yourselves and then you just snatch it away! big time FAIL Nestle!

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