Sep 26, 2010

Brand Philosophy

"The philosophy and a total approach to managing companies, as such includes much about changing minds".
Brand derived from brandr means to burn; centuries ago a sign or symbol was developed on human slaves or on animals for identity. So branding have thousands years of history.
Managing the company is a total way for creating , making and keeping the brand promise.
Branding has two perspectives:
  • Cognitive based on logic; product related branding, advertise and promote the features of the brand. A rational appeal is used by the marketer
  • Affective based on feelings; emotional appeal is used. Branding is 100 % non-rational and play with human emotions and touch emotions.
Coke which has the highest branding value in the world uses branding strategies based on affective part of it. It always uses emotional appeal for its brand that touches the emotions of human beings.
A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods & services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.
For successful branding, must consider the following points:
  • Brand is the promise that you deliver by advertising and promotions so must realize that you fulfil your promise by providing solutions to customers
  • Branding is not just advertising or promotion but representation of yourself, your company because it creates lasting impression in your prospect's mind.
  • While doing branding you must realize the customer that you are the only solution of his/her problem.
  • Tag line is as important as reminder of the brand
  • Branding seeks to distinguish your company's product or service from the competitor
  • Powerful brands increase employee satisfaction, loyalty and achievement drive.
  • Outside-in approach always use for successful banding
  • The marketer must do research on customer needs continually and then uses this research in branding strategies so that customers become loyal to your brand
Two approaches used in Branding:The Gift
Inside-out approach is focused on product attributes. What the company actually makes or provides, talk about features of the product. Heavily promote or advertise company's offerings to generate profit or to make sales. Create awareness of the brand among the customers.
Outside-in approach focus on customer needs instead of company offerings. In this approach a marketer analyses the current needs of the customers and make the brand according to the needs of customers. He/she promotes actually what the customer wants. They better serve the customers and provide solutions of customer problems.

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