Sep 25, 2010

Nestle Brand Portfolio

The company named “Nestle” which is a Swiss word having mean “Little Nest” started her working from the day when “Henri Nestle” was in search of a healthy, economical and easy to use alternative to breastfeeding for mothers. Mr. Nestle was a pharmacist by profession. Behind all these efforts was Mr. Henri NestlĂ©’s first customer. He was a pre-mature infant who can’t tolerate neither his mother’s milk nor any of the other conventional substitutes. People quickly recognized the worth of Mr. NestlĂ©’s product after it saved the child’s life. 
Today “Nestle” is in a number of “Process Food” businesses other than “Baby Food” like Juices, Dairy Milk, Bottled Water, Coffee, Yogurt, Noodles, and chocolates.
Nestle has eight (8) product lines or categories overall. The strategy used by Nestle is the Family branding or Corporate branding in which word ‘Nestle’ is attached to all the brands in all Categories. Every product line meets the specified needs of target customers. But overall, the market of Nestle based on consumers who want quality products and not compromise on price.

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