Oct 5, 2010

Brand in focus: Rolex

Rolex watches have proved to be the outstanding watch company par in excellence. Hans Wilsdorf founded it in 1908. Rolex became his fame as he wished to give a rather small name for his watches. Extreme durability and reliability made the watches more popular among the young and old. The watches made with the brand name Rolex were always valued even when they were re-soled. Today, there are many sites that provide many Rolex collections. Even old watches that are stunning pieces of the initial growth of Rolex also are famous and many do not wish to sell them. They held such watches in pride and an added asset to their possessions. Rolex Blue
They become more demanded due to the less collections produce now. This is why people go for the old designs that cannot be seen in the newer ones. Beauty that consists in Rolex cannot be defined as easily through words. Electronic and mechanical watches are their fame. Replicas of Rolex can be found more these days as the prices are less. However, an original Rolex is a gift for a lifetime. Nothing can be replaced for Rolex. As the durability and reliability of the watch is marked with tradition designs mainly those of a classic one.
It believes that the watches will speak for it. Rolex has carefully and strategically lived up to its brand image. Rolex is in fact the only company to have shelled out a wide range of watches as compared to any other company. The uniqueness manifested in its watches sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. In order to develop its brand, it manufactures goods after extensive research. Rolex Mens StainlessMen's Rolex Oyster PrecisionRolex Ladies .
There were few instances, which led to its set back. Due to the Merksamer and Zale bankruptcies had to shed distribution to about 1000 doors. Similarly, in the year 1994, Rolex shed its distribution by approximately 405 to 45%. In order to augment the brand image “Rolex” has fined tuned its distribution strategy thoroughly. 
As a part of its brand development strategy “Rolex” does not allow the sale of its watches in the virtual world. There are several instances of counterfeiting goods and in no way Rolex wants to lose its reputation of making world class, reliable, quality watches. Rolex fears that if Rolex watches are sold in second life there may be duplications and this might in turn lead to customer confusion and dissatisfaction.

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  1. Rolex is really one of the best. They have different kinds of timepieces that speak for themselves.

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