Oct 30, 2010

Does Brand Execute Personal Messages

Before the exploration, what is necessary to know is what is actually meant by brand personality. According to many researchers brand personality is "the set of human like characteristics associated with brands." Brand Personality: How to Build a Unique Brand It means a brand possesses personality similarly to humans such as age, and gender and traits like humans such as warmth and concern. The other fact is brand also consist a consistent and long-term personality and everything associated with it actually affect it. As human have tangible features and intangible traits so as brands. The tangible features are as product category, price and other functional attributes. The intangible traits are as product symbol, country of origin, celebrity endorsement, and sponsorship event. Furthermore is the brand personality should match the target market personality.
The brand personality should not a one dimension personality instead it would be multidimensional as it can only attract multiple personalities. In fact, brand personality also serves as an indicator for the consumers. It has a unique state in the consumers' minds and tells them if it is suitable for him/her. The only and strongest marketing tool for a brand personality to develop is consumers' word-of-mouth. Brand Think According to researchers every brand has a few parameters on which all together create total consumer perception about the brand. Most critical to notice it Brand Personality is a part of Brand Identity who has other part named as Brand Positioning. So, it is crucial that there should be an interaction between the Brand Positioning and Personality.
Now the question is do brand execute personal message, the researcher said that brand personality is essential to develop because people choose brand as they choose the fellow-human to socialize with. Means like human a brand should also possesses a good communication skills to present itself in the form of color, style, taste, texture, and things like that. The brand should have power in itself to inspire people. The reason is this only than people will select it to adopt. Speak Now So, it is true that brand personality execute a personal message for everyone. What is the requirement of a product to be transformed into a brand and possesses a personality. 1) Avoid commodities to business in because these always treated as unbranded by consumers. 2) Every time you have to add a new feature or utility of the brand for consumers to achieve multidimensional brand. 3) Put some emotions in communicating the brand message so that it builds a strong emotional relationship with the consumers.

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