Nov 7, 2010

Branding through “Brochures”

Brochure is a source that could attract new business with much less effort and turn more of prospects into paying clients. The greatest challenge for any small business or startup looking to acquire new business is being able to identify and attract people who have a need for their product or service. Most small businesses have difficulty attracting new clients because they have not created a valuable and memorable identity that clearly distinguishes them from their competitors. Typically, most entrepreneurs and professionals are futile at articulating the uniqueness and value of their business offering which is a critical tool for turning prospects into paying clients. Design Matters
First Impressions Can Make or Break Business it depends on information sharing about a company in brochures. Many slight things can contribute to or diminish how confident a prospect feels about what one have to offer and usually that first impression is a lasting one. For example, if one has to market materials he just has to start out on a shoestring budget that can have a very diminishing effect on a potential client's feeling of confidence in one’s business. From consumers point of view the important questions are as; do the outer things people see instill a first impression of confidence? Are companies creating a perception of competence, value and success? Is its position in the marketplace clear? Is its marketing message unique and memorable? Creative Solutions
In fact, Positioning determines one’s marketing message. It can be better reinforcing by brochures. So, a positioning strategy must be carefully developed. Positioning should convey a unique and strong selling proposition that sets an organization apart from its competitors. Some questions must ask before committing to a market position as: Who is my target market and what do they really want from me? What requests do my prospects have? What is my business promising to fulfill? What are our strengths and weaknesses? Who are our perceived competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses? How are we unique? What are the personal values that drive our business? What are the trends and gaps in the current market-place and how can we capitalize on them? The Best of Brochure Design 10
Along with them, an effective positioning statement should be the focal point of one’s entire marketing plan and will accomplish the following objectives:1) Connect a business with its target market both emotionally and logically, 2) Build trust, confidence and personal rapport, 3) Position yourself as an expert, 4) Convey uniqueness and personality with passion and believability 5) Promise tangible results and value 6) Communicate the personal values that guide and excite consumer and effect its ability to serve clients in an exceptional way 7) Motivate the reader to request more information and call for an appointment or place an order.

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