Nov 12, 2010

Branding through Trade Shows

Attending and exhibiting at trade shows and trade fairs is an effective method for expanding product awareness and right branding at initial stages. A trade show is where retailers, wholesalers, sales reps, industry press, importers, exporters, and distributors all gather under one roof to boost their businesses and investing resources. If one goes to a trade show with the goal of making deals and moving product he/she may be disappointed. A more realistic objective is to establish relationships with prospective customers and develop harmony with other marketing partners. Just take a trade show as a giant networking party. Before going for various branding tactics one have to exhibit in this which may help a lot in learning and observing market dynamics.
Depending on industry and what region of the country one’s reside in, there may be a number of trade shows competing for suitable time and patronage. Don't send the entrance fee for it until conduct some primary research to determine whether this show is a worthy investment of time and energy. Find out the number and diversity of companies sponsoring booths and exhibits as well as the cocktail parties, lunches and other events where one can meet people. Trade Show & Event Marketing
The show program will give a good idea of the caliber of firms demonstrating products and presenting seminars. If competitors patronize the show, that's a good indication that members of target audience will be there. Unless every display and lecture at the show is relevant to the business, plan the amount of time that will be spend right there carefully. Choose a handful of companies or organizations for targeting. Make sure these companies are a fit for right business in which the firm is moving. Select a back up list of several companies in case first choices are too busy to pay attention appropriately to the brands. Decision Points
After one have determined that a particular show is a worthy investment of its time and budget, go talk with exhibitors. A good way to ensure that is encounter successfully to do a quick walk through of the entire trade area for this first arrival is necessary. Then prepare a list of the companies decided to target. Afterwards return to other exhibits which are in observation during the survey. Be confident when talking with representatives. Communicate the value and competitive advantage of brands with them.
After one have attended a trade show and made some valuable contacts. Now it's time to go into action. Make notes, highlighting the important things that learned. Ask the following questions by yourself: What exhibits caught everybody’s eye and why? Was trade show being able to enhance knowledge of a competitor? How can you incorporate some of the more novel concepts into your business? Did one can learn anything that might influence his to alter its branding techniques and marketing approach? It is the most crucial part of the trade show success.

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