Nov 8, 2010

Consistency factor in Marketing

This concept is based on that a message no matter from which source it comes takes for all consumers to move from entirely apathy to a buying decision depends on consistency in certain behavior like frequency, delivery and relationship marketing. However, it is a bitter fact that normally a typical reader, viewer or listener are not paying much attention to the ad at all consciously but unconsciously they feed by it several times in only one day. This means that for an ad to be maximally effective it needs to show up in newspaper, on TV, or on radio. So, one can put together a killer ad but it will have to wait for about a month or more for that phone to start ringing. For this a marketers must learn to be patient. Their success lies in being consistent and in being consistent with a passion. Marketing Metrics
After one has decided how he/she wish to serve the public with its product, products, and service like identified its niche within that public, selected its business name clearly describing what to do, chosen its marketing colors and logo shapes based on its prospective customers' preferences, developed its sub-conscious buying message, its business slogan and finally ordered business cards and stationary. Stop for a moment here! Before one go on for all of this he/she must be coordinate things together. Remember the rule, consistent with a passion! Means that one should use colors, script and credible source in messages must always remain exactly the same for print and TV ads. Always and exactly the same all time. Even type font, type style, and relative type sizes must be the same on business card and other stationary as on the sign in front of one’s store, as in on TV, magazine, and newspaper ads. Real-Time Marketing and PR
If one decides to advertise inexpensively on local cable TV, for example, he/she will want the last few seconds of that ad to show its business name, its telephone number, and its business slogan. This visual should look exactly like everything else in other marketing devices. So later, when its future customers are looking through the yellow pages, a sub-conscious part of them will be attracted to company ad because it will be familiar to them. And, many of them would not even remember the TV spot where they first saw this business offer. 
Another way to say, one can shorten the number of needed exposures from twenty-seven down to fourteen or so by having a consistent, clear, consistent selling proposition. This number shrinks even further to about nine; when one use several different marketing vehicles for consumers to see its consistent message. It looks like that the business exists everywhere. And it looks like everyone, like it, is buying from it, because it is probably solo in its existence in such a manner! Disney FamilyFun

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