Nov 1, 2010

Customers actually buy ___________ a lot!

Customers do not buy because they are being marketed to or sold to. As an alternative, they buy because branding helps them realize the merits of owning what company offer. People seek a wide array of benefits when they are in a buying mindset. If companies are communicating any one of those benefits to the people who want them this very instant they have virtually made the sale. People do not buy because marketing is clever but because marketing strikes a responsive chord in the mind of the prospect. Along with it, brand resonance makes that person want the advantages of what you are selling.
Likelihood that people buy benefits rather feature is very common and high but they in fact buy a whole lot like:
  •  They buy brand promise so make them with care
  •  They buy credibility so don’t buy fake
  •  They buy solution so with them avoid more problems
  •  They buy safety so give them love and acceptance Speak Now
  •  They buy hope so make them owner and save future
  •  They buy value so on them avoid price strategy Valuation
  •  They buy selection so give them best one
  •  They buy guarantee so give them freedom of risk
  •  They buy convenience so give them online facilities
  •  They buy respect so display them an ideal personality
  •  They buy comfort so offer them comfort zone American Dreams
  •  They buy good taste so learn about bad taste
  •  They buy confidence so be kind with them
  •  They buy style so make it genuine Designing Brand Identity
  •  They buy honesty so make more sales
  •  They buy gratification so show them love
It's also important to know what customers do not buy: fancy adjectives, exaggerated claims, clever headlines, special effects, marketing that screams, marketing that even hints at amateurishness, the lowest price, unproven items, or gorgeous graphics that get in the way of the message. They also do not buy humor that hides benefits, offerings heralded with unreadable type, poor grammar or misspelled words, salespeople who don't listen, or things they don't fully understand or trust.
The best branding of all involves prospects and informs customers. It builds confidence and invites a purchase. Best and most unique of all is what it gets through to people. That's why knowing the truth about them will help company to stand apart from its competitors and shine in the minds of her prospects and customers.

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