Jun 5, 2011

Brand impression on consumers via Celebrity Endorsement

It is a technique to capture consumers’ minds. Celebrity endorsement is a power which confines consumers’ minds and influence the purchasing decision. It is what a product required to convert it into a brand power. Other than this it may have several motives such as: Instant Brand Awareness and Recall, Celebrity values define, and refresh the brand image, Celebrities add new dimensions to the brand image, Instant credibility or aspiration PR coverage and event management, generate fresh and innovative ideas and hence convince clients. A celebrity is used to enhance the brand credibility and aspirational values to, but the celebrity needs to have compatibility the product.
A reputed brand promotional idea and an intrinsic link between the celebrity and the message must be consistent for a successful campaign. Celebrities are producing amazingly good results of generating attention, recall and positive attitudes. This advertising provides supporting activities and there should be an explicit fit between them and the brand. On the other hand, they are source of delivering a flawless message when it comes to the actual efficiency of the core product, creating positive attitudes to brands, purchase intentions and actual sales by sharing their several personal experiences.
Things to consider while making this strategic fit between celebrity and the brand on compatibility grounds are as: Popularity, availability, physical attractiveness, credibility, previous endorsements, must be a brand user and believer, should take controversy risks seriously, must be liked be the brand target audience and must match their lifestyle, must have associated values with the brand, and should consider cost of hiring that particular celebrity. As soon as a new face ascends the popularity charts, advertisers queue up to have it splashed all over. Approval of a brand by a star fosters a sense of trust for that brand among the target audience this is especially true in case of new products.
Celebrities ensure attention of the target group by breaking the clutter of advertisements and making the ad and the brand more noticeable. PR coverage is another reason for using celebrities. People tend to commensurate the personalities of the celebrity with the brand thereby increasing the recall value. For example it is easy to remember that Golf champion Tiger Woods has endorsed in American Express, Rolex, and Nike. A celebrity’s preference for a brand gives out a persuasive message because the celebrity is benefiting from the brand and later the consumer will also benefit. At last, some stars have a universal appeal and therefore prove to be a good bet to generate interest among the masses.

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