Jun 15, 2011

Six Ingredients of Integrated Marketing Communications

The essence of IMC lies in fact in the lines that a commercial made success whenever one has an ad audience or any particular media audience and for them identify the brand early in communication. Secondly, after identification for clear understanding call it often in the rest of message. Thirdly, every message in itself has a promise for the target audience so make the promise early before the entire message of benefits that tie the audience with the marketing communication for a longer time. Lastly, repeat the promise at least thrice in order to make sure it is delivered with purpose to the potential customers.
Similarly, for a successful integrated marketing communication one has to be focus on things like:
  • Coverage
  • Contribution
  • Commonality
  • Complementarity 
  • Versatility
  • Cost

These are the six ingredients of an IMC. Coverage involves in it as the extent to which different marketing options reaches the target audience and make a market. Contribution is an ability of a marketing program or communication to create the desired response in the consumers’ minds. And also how it makes their purchasing decision helpful and worthy for them early in the process.
Commonality is act in an IMC as a persuasive tool as it conveys common information with different marketing options hence share a common meaning across multiple media programs. Here an IMC required integration in the message across all lines with the same meanings and desires to produce a particular outcome. While complementarity is to what extent these marketing options are different in association and linkages across multiple communications. Both commonalities and complementarities have huge impact on the direct sales of a particular product. Just because they both work on building the consumer knowledge structure from two different routes work on by making consumers’ compensatory and reinforcing decision ideal for them.
Versatility means how a marketing communication would be for everyone at the same time. So, companies should have aware of their product different targeted and differentiated consumers’ groups. Always provide different kind of information in simultaneously in such situations so that it appeals every consumer’s group. Then, at the second stage is try to state the most ambiguous problems in it but provide for all a common solution. Lastly, cost should provide the worth in terms of effective and efficient integrated marketing communications. Along with all this it should entail in itself evaluative criteria so that it’s weighed could be checked ontime.

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