Jul 10, 2011

Brand Building Concept: Brand Recall & Brand Recognition

Brand recall and brand recognition indicates the stronger state of minds in consumers perceptions. It is a kind of superiority a brand has over others. A few of brands have a clear dominance and popular in a particular category as consumers need no recall effort to identify it. The brand which needs recall and recognition must have some special brand associations such as a particular symbol, its attributes, or a celebrity endorsement.
Actually brand associations are the brand identities that organizations always wants to create for brand in order to stand it from customers’ perception. Hence, in brand recall and recognitions these identities act as keys to develop branding strategies. All brands must possess these specific brand identifications. These have different associative network for different customer segment. In this network they have valuable niche brand knowledge that helps them in how to use the brand in different situations. Normally family name in branding has stronger impact on consumers’ associative network.
In this customers’ associative network brand identity is a major element. It is in fact a kind of customers relationship management in which brand establish a knot with its customers to generate a good brand value preposition based on its functional, and emotional brand routes according to marketing research. It has twelve dimensions and broadly categorized in the four perspectives as: Brand as a product, Brand as an organization, Brand as a person, and Brand as a symbol.
The core of branding is its appearance in a form of product which is desirable and feasible in customers’ usage. Then it is cued by the customers from its product category. However, when brand is a product it is easy to imitate as compared to an organization. The important things to consider while making brand strategy for organization is its values, culture, and modern attributes such as quality, innovation, and communication.
When brand comes in the form of a person by celebrity endorsement it is perceived as a more competent, impressive, worthy, humorous, youthful, and trusty. It is a bit more interesting in customers’ perception. Such brands have strongest market share and customers afford it with high premium price. And lastly, brand symbol which provide more cohesion and structure for customers understanding. These symbols have forms like visual signs, and visual images. These are hard to develop and thus change eventually with lapse of time.

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