Jul 6, 2011

Brand Mapping & its Ingredients

In a market teeming with similar goods and services, experience, rather than product, is swiftly becoming the only sustainable point of differentiation. A brand mapping process provides insights that direct accomplishment in delivering a unique brand experience. Spout into what a brand is really communicating.
Brand mapping is an insight method that makes other invisible connections visible. A comprehensive brand map will help an organization identify new and relevant opportunities to strengthen its brand’s connection with consumers by driving differentiation, relevance and authenticity.
Brand may be one of the most valuable assets a company owns. Brand mapping will identify where that value resides and where organization audience’s expectations can be better managed. The impending gained through this process serve as the basis for initiatives such as: brand or line extensions, new product development, brand innovation and many more approaches.
However all these strategies related to brand must equipped with well versed research on the following areas such as: Consumer Behavior means their beliefs, motivations and prejudices about a brand. Brand Value means active and inactive activities they would like to perform or participate in it based on their brand knowledge and likeness. Competitive Landscape means a brand’s misalignments and opportunities it has around it. Key Insights means opportunities and threats.
When talk about consumer belief, motivation, and prejudices for a particular brand they only does have belief, motivated for and a little bit prejudice for brand that thoroughly match their own personality. As one fine man said that brand is just like a personality. It dress up like human personality, talk and walk like human, and also has features as persons has their personal traits.
Brand value or brand worth in the minds of consumers can be predicted as by gauging what they can do for their liked brands. Normally people would love to talk and participates in activities for those brands they like a lot. They may not able to participate actively for it due to any reason but inactively participate for it. They act for these brands as brand advocates and promote it via social network such as Facebook, Tweeter, or etc.
Competitive Landscape; it involves the entire competitor analysis and competition information related to that particular brand. A company must know about it in detail so that it can make better branding strategies. Key insights involve the major threats brand could have to face in near future along with the valuable opportunities in market for it. All should be in focus to better deal with competitions and today’s ever competitive situations.

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