Jul 30, 2011

Right Branding Strategies Through Customers’ Perspective

Brands influence the customers’ perspectives and perceptions with no regard to how they connect with other brands of various companies. Now it’s right time for marketers and brand managers to alter the old approaches to an entirely new mapping tools needed to reflects the brands the way customers want them to appear as. In this strategy what is most important to work on to win customers’ top of mind space is actually the “brand portfolio” management process. It provides the companies powerful new aspects to think and draw strategies about their branding techniques.
In brand portfolio according to traditional way they simply arrange it through corporate brands hierarchy system but now-a-days all they doing is quite converse. Today they are more spoken about the relationship management from the organizations objectives while in back days they completely ignore the customer element. In fact in this brand portfolio based on recent research management have to consider three elements such as: Company’ brands according to organizational lines, on international markets trade basis, and brand extensions on customers’ perspectives.
In this portfolio management process the different elements are size, shade, and location that represents different characteristics of brand. Size for role like largest size appears as lead brands, midsize as strategic brands and smallest size as support brands. Lead brands are on always the main page of the organizations sales objectives, strategic is for blocking the competitors from poaching the current customers, and support brands help in seal the deal with the customers.
Shade indicates whether the brands impacts are positive, negative, and neutral on customers’ buying decision. According to customers the strongest brands are those who create among them strong community sense. Location has two facets, one is, proximity. It means relatedness of brand and market positioning. Second is linkage. It indicates the relationship among the companies and the brands.
The other impact of this link is the degree of control. It means need is to classify the brands according to customers’ perspectives, perceptions, and choices. In normal thinking pattern to do branding is to influence the potential buyers through different ways like campaign, sponsorship, and value added services. A brand must fulfill its mission statement that it is using to attract the customers. The need is to control the intensity of hype for brands so that customers can utilize the right kind of brands to make their life go on with ease and healthy lifestyle.

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