Jul 12, 2011

Social Marketing

Social marketing is using marketing principles to influence human behavior to improve social benefits. The fundamental marketing principles that are critical to the success of social marketing campaigns include: Understanding target “Audience” their needs and wants, their barriers, and their motivations. Being clear about what they want means audience to do and changes in knowledge and attitudes are good if, and only if, they lead to action. Determining the concept of exchange; organization must offer target audience something very appealing in return for changing behavior. Realizing that competition always exists; target audience can always choose to do something else. Being aware of Marketing 4 P’s that are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Organization should know how they apply to this program according to target customers desires. Establishing the role that policies, rules and laws can play in efforts to affect social or behavioral change.
Social marketing provides a framework for understanding the target audience’s behavior and where best to intervene for positive behavior change. Social marketing depends on a deep understanding of the consumer. In this phase, organizations will research what makes the target audience tick, and what makes audience subgroups, or “segments,” alike and different from one another. This research aims to get inside consumer’s minds. The objective of the research is to determine: How to cluster the target audience into useful segments. Which target audience market segmentation is most ready to change their behavior and what they want or need most in order to do that?
An organization social marketing program is articulating what they are setting out to achieve and how they will do it. Based on the research findings, begin by selecting a target audience segment and the desired behavior to be promoted. Then, specify the benefits the target audience will receive for doing that behavior. This phase involves developing interventions and tactics in four possible areas: new or improved products or services, staff training, policy change, and communication. 
These processes and considerations involve keeping on strategy, ensuring that each intervention addresses the respective target benefit or barrier, is accessible and appropriate for the target audience, and is ready to go when it needs to be. Social marketing is based on a design model, and so, monitoring data are used to both ensure the program is being implemented as planned. Moreover, to examine that whether model fulfill the strategy and tactics in terms if they are suitable or need alteration.


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