Jul 28, 2011

Structuring formula of a “Leading Brand”

Leadership brand is a reputation for developing exceptional managers with a distinct set of talents that are uniquely geared to fulfill customers’ and investors’ expectations. A company with a leadership brand inspires faith that employees and managers will consistently make good on the firm’s promises. A leadership brand is also embedded in the organization’s culture, through its policies and its requirements for employees. Leadership - BRAND CANVAS
Building a strong leadership brand requires that companies follow five principles. First, they have to do the basics of leadership like setting strategy and grooming talent well. Second, they must ensure that managers internalize external constituents’ high expectations of the firm. Third, they need to evaluate their leaders according to those external perspectives. Fourth, they must invest in broad-based leadership development that helps managers hone the skills needed to meet customer and investor expectations. And finally, they should track their success at building a leadership brand over the long term. the world s leading brand design to victory
The following chart will help company discover the level of branded leadership within an organization. As a prerequisite to building a leadership brand, firms must master what we call the Leadership Code. Roughly speaking, the code consists of these requirements: First, leaders must master strategy; they need to have a point of view about the future and be able to position the firm for continued success with customers. Next, they must be able to execute, which means they must be able to build organizational systems that work, to deliver results, and to make change happen. Additionally, they must manage today’s talent, knowing how to motivate, engage, and communicate with employees. They must also find ways to develop tomorrow’s talent and groom employees for future leadership. Finally, they must show personal proficiency demonstrating an ability to learn, act with integrity, exercise social and emotional intelligence, make bold decisions, and engender trust.
Assess leaders against the statement of leadership brand. Once a company has crafted a statement of leadership brand, it needs to continually evaluate individuals to make sure that they are living up to it. This requires firms to assess leaders more from the customer’s point of view and measure results less by what the individual manager or the company produces. Instead of worrying about goods shipped on time, customers care about whether they received their goods on time. Instead of concerning themselves about the firm’s product error rates, customers notice when products they receive aren't fully operational on arrival. Rather than just tracking employee commitment to the firm, a company should also try to calculate the impact of employee commitment on customers.

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