Aug 20, 2011

Employees as Brand Ambassadors Help Branding Strategies In Three Ways

First, “Brand ambassadors” may be the single most important thing retailers and manufacturers can do to ensure a shopping experience that converts shoppers into customers. But they act in the form of high-quality, well-trained people work as in-store faces. Currently Quality personnel are critical issue. In a majority of markets, samplers are supplied by small, local employment agencies that have signed contracts to provide in-store labor and only have access to a limited talent pool that may not meet the marketing objectives. One of the most effective promotional tactics available there is discontinued promos because of a lack of access to personnel who are qualified to execute the programs.
Second aspect is the use of high technology to increase sales and profits, is immensely important. The data mining or “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) opportunity is potentially much broader than popularly believed, particularly where marketing at retail is concerned. In addition to matching the merchandise mix to the shopper profile, the data should be used to make sure that shoppers are treated like customers. True CRM requires more than number grinding and category management executions that simply re-arrange facings on the retail shelves, or segment shoppers for direct-mail drops.
With quality “brand ambassadors” in the store, retailers and manufactures are well-positioned to work together to gain the kind of understanding that’s essential to top-notch consumer relationships. So, third is the proper follow up. In-store personnel not only make a shopper feel like a guest, and hand out samples now and again. Their most important role is to get a read on what shoppers like and don’t like about the shopping experience.
The type of on-site research is so valuable because it concentrates on those shoppers who are actually in the store, as opposed to other types of surveys that might include those who have never set foot inside your store. A program through which the retailer actively surveys shopper opinions would provide tremendous competitive advantage. While most supermarkets have frequent shopper databases, relatively few include email address as part of their data set. Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to learn more about their best customers by offering the opportunity to opt in to an email list. The opportunity to survey email list members is especially valuable. The ability to stay in touch with consumers is critical in a way that what they like and don’t like about their favorite store would provide business a significant competitive advantage.

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