Sep 13, 2011

Branding Strategies Through Customers’ Minds!

Information gathering through listening; Listening is a form of information gathering which allows you to take in the data, process and abstract meaning out of the dialogue. In a typical conversation people tend to wait for their turn to talk rather than actually absorbing the meaning of the words. Remember, people don’t care what you have to say unless one show how much one care about what they have to say and how they feel. Yes, how they feel is where the connection point can be made. This is why great sales people always listen first and ask questions later allowing their prospects to fully understand them emotionally.
The key to forging a powerful connection with your audience is to first understand that people simply want to be heard and understood. The idea is to abstract the emotional triggers from the depth and tonality of the conversation so one can fully understand the opportunities to build meaningful connects. At this stage, organizations should still be more reactive allowing their customers to freely express themselves. The most valuable information is those that are freely expressed without boundaries from prospects. This is also the core value of surveying customers so organizations can apply what they have learned to improve their product and services.
Most people are good at passing through “I know and I understand” stage, but it’s the “I believe” stage that communication often fails to connect resulting in no action. One buys a product or changes an unhealthy habit because one would only take the action after one become convinced of organizations’ decision. Most people don’t realize that a desired action is often brought out through the use of specific communications tools from advertising to word-of-mouth testimonial, or via social proof endorsements. A great marketer knows how to unleash the power of communications and seeks to understand their target market needs, perceptions and how they like to receive information.
This is the part where traditional business owners have a hard time letting go of what they perceive as high value in their knowledge. It’s indicative that most “modern” businesses realize that customers respond more to an emotional connection, thus it’s not about selling but educating. Businesses are quick to tell people what they have but forget that their prospects are in different stage of the buying cycle. It’s important to speak the language that they understand and values which is why organizations need to focus on their needs. Simply all business or branding strategies are for the customers, around the customers, and through the customers.

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