Dec 8, 2011

Talkable Brands Invention via Conceptual Framework of Word-of-Mouth

Word of mouth (WOM) is the easy language means as: a process in which consumers promoting a product, service or brand to friends, family, colleagues or others. Word of mouth typically refers to verbal communication but also has come to mean now-a-days like online buzz through e-mail, social networks, blogs and instant text messaging. The conceptual framework of WOMM (Word of mouth marketing) has five steps named as following:
1. Start conversation with friends:
If one is not an experienced marketer it can be difficult to sell services to anyone especially people one doesn’t know. In such case one doesn’t want to risk irritating them and, of course, there is always the fear that they just won’t get it. But word of mouth is the perfect way to get the ball rolling, partly because one can start with those people who one know and trust mean friends. It’s a great way to get one out there advocating for brand with a solid group of supporters behind him.
2. Give a first statement:
One should be willing to spread the word about others before one ask for oneself. By supporting one’s colleagues, clients and friends by pushing their own WOMM campaigns along, one is telling them that he/she care about them enough to make it known that he/she support them. They will remember that and be more likely to spread the word about one. And don’t be afraid to call in favors and directly ask others to support him.
3. Use right influencers:
In one professional and social network there are people who garner the attention of others without even trying. They are magnetic, respected and heard. Everybody wants to support these people. Having them as ones megaphone getting the message to otherwise hard-to-reach people can be invaluable.
4. Buzz generation:
One of the best ways to generate a buzz is by getting people excited. And the best way to get people excited is by being excited oneself. Don’t be afraid to toot own horn. Let people know that one have something going on that’s worth getting excited about. Send e-mails, make calls, talk about it on Twitter and ask for retweets! And post it to one Facebook profile. Keeping up it by one’s own level of excitement will be contagious.
5. Honesty is the best policy!
It is meant to foster respect and fundamental ethics between marketers and consumers, and is certainly something to keep in mind.
Although, there are many organizations working on this concept in the development phase of branding strategies but WOMMA (Word of mouth marketing association) is one among them. They are delivering their message by spreading word of mouth tool on the five elements such as:
1. Credible: Honest and Authentic marketing messages from brands to customers and from customers to customers.
2. Respectful: Transparent and Trustworthy behavior as it relates to privacy matters between brands and consumers
3. Social: Listening, participating, responding and engaging. It involves consumer listening the conversations, participating in the conversation, responding to the conversation, and encouraging the conversation online and offline.
4. Measureable: Define, monitor, and evaluate. The ability to define, monitor and evaluate the program success.
5. Repeatable: Do it over and over again in order to become business truly a talkable brand. The reality is that not every brand becomes talkable. However, they can do it through joining organization working on it in their business based on word of mouth such as WOMMA to learn and make their brands talkable.

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