Jan 29, 2013

Creative Advertisement: Branding Strategies

It is important to know for advertiser and marketer that buying begins in the customers’ minds before the actual transaction happened. So, the crucial element is capturing the mind of the customers for those products or services came in existence. There are too many advertising strategies that are in implementation phase currently all over the world but the fruitful are as following: 
  • Use familiar objects with unfamiliar relationships: A man kissing a lion!
  • Use people: people love to talk about other people! 
  • Use Babies but be very careful: A symbol of trust, love, care, innocence, and beauty! 
  • Use humorous image: grab fun to attract target audience! 
  • Use sexy shoots: where it is suitable and possible too! 
  • Use dangerous situations: As a tool of amaze and learning! 
  • Use product or service itself: To highlight possibilities of its use! 
  • Use celebrity along with product or service: For celebrity fan to follow it!
  • Use people desires: It provokes them to utilize the product to fulfill them! 
  • Use before and after pictures: To gain customer’s faith for product!
Remember that advertising is a tool and strategy to talk with the target audience and provide them an opportunity to find out solution of their problems. Hence, as a marketer it is one’s prime objective and duty to talk with buyers more about the product, its functionality, and additional or value added benefits other than fun, appealing, action etc. 
For any buyer the prime four reasons to buy a product is motivation to fulfill a need, want, desire and to overcome a fear. Advertising is a way to convince people about a particular product or service so that they should consider it seriously when a buying situation occurs, no matters where and when.
However, an advertising message should be attractive, unique, and must grab people attention so that they notice it. A message should be in the form of a small sentence so that they get it in just a glance over it. Moreover, it should be delivered in a most persuasive way so that buyers consider it seriously. And for that reason one can utilize the one among ten highlighted ways for it.
In epitome, one should not apply a strategy blindly as it required a deep understanding about the product and its functionality other than the problems for them, it is a remedy. Thus, it is better for one to hire a professional marketing expert to do branding for them likewise.

Jan 20, 2013

A Worthy Replacement of 4P’s to 4C’s in Marketing Strategies

The 4P's of marketing have replaced by the 4C's. Product by CONSUMER needs and wants, Price by COST to satisfy consumers, Place by CONVENIENCE to buy, and Promotion by COMMUNICATION. Hence, the roots of the 4C’s of marketing can be traced back to the classical 4P’s marketing mix. And in it the focus has shifted from a consumer transactional view-point to a consumer relationship viewpoint and very recently launched strategy “consumer engagement”. However, the fundamental strategies remain unchanged at its very core. 
A product is today no longer succeeding by making what one wants but instead of it on finding out what customers want. Focusing on Customer Value allows one to reset his perceptions around what it is one are creating and bringing to the market, be it a product, service or some other value. Everything begins and ends with customers. Value is what customer is concerned about, not about fabulous product. Value is how one does define marketing mix “products” and what one should seek to engage its customer with. It is the value one provides that defines one in the marketplace. 
Instead of thinking of price as something one charge, think of cost as something customers pay. This simple adjustment once again opens up a whole new way of thinking about marketing. When one define marketing mix cost tune into the customer dilemma of deciding “how to spend limited money to satisfy unlimited wants”. Is one providing enough capital to compete effectively? Motivation in going to market should not be to maximize one gain but to maximize customer value. Therefore, one should ask how one can provide more for the same cost to the customer instead of asking to make more profit from a product. 
Thinking about convenience not only allows one to open up to newer ways of connecting with customers and distributing products, but helps one shift into the mindset of providing an optimum overall experience for customers. To define marketing mix in terms of convenience reminds one that customers today are very busy and have many choices. It is no longer one right as a business owner but a privilege when customers choose one. Make it as easy as possible for them to do so. 
Promotion is for the days of mass marketing. Customers today seek to be engaged and have meaningful interactions with one product. One must therefore strive for two-way communication and building relationships.

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