Dec 5, 2013

Apple Strategic Marketing Strategies

Apple tracks mostly in its strategic marketing a few tactics like ignore the criticism, turn the simple into something stylish, premium price, communicate in easy language that everyone understands, enhance customer experience, community building, and product become the brand. All above are the strategic marketing paths derived by Apple, however, among all premium price strategy is most critical. According to company the same strategy of premium price could be translated into that “Apple sale on value not on price”. 
As far as product development is concerned Apple seeks market opportunities but innovate for people who love it and that the reason company is on top among other PC, Tablets, and Smartphone companies. It does novelty all the time and simultaneously facilitates customers with lot of features. Still customers are annoyed from company due to the price fact. Premium price means Price setting of new products consists in set high initial prices to “skim” revenues layer-by-layer form the market. Company follows in main strategic approach brand loyalty of the customers to Apple.

Customer thinks that Apple should innovate its strategies overall like products. It should give tough time to its competitors. Among customer types only innovators and early-adapter customers were less price sensitive as compared to others and value brand empathy, status, and fashion. Customer perceived Apple currently innovative, expensive, and for elite class. It should apply justified pricing strategy. It will surely bring it a huge market share. Also help Apple in evaluating for the brand new market segments and product penetration and ultimately improve market share in the competitive market. 
Apple should be a little customer-centric from product-centric approach. It means it should listen to its customer feedback that is a key in relationship marketing. It should make niche segments and offer a product line to satisfy customer that Apple worth their customers. The process of relationship marketing required to do by the organizations in order to develop strong customer relationship. The process has four stages as: selection of key customers, study of expectations, formulation and implementation of strategies, and cooperation and feedback. 

Finally, it has a lot of opportunities in future regarding new market segments and product development for niche groups. Its potential customers believe that it should charge from customers the justified price and made innovative product to cater a particular segment need by providing a product line. Currently Apple is working on almost all these strategic marketing strategies to satisfy its customers.

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