Feb 14, 2012

Ideas to Branding Strategies through Tagline

A brand tagline is a key factor in brand strategy decisions. A tagline is something that concisely and powerfully communicates the brand’s promise is one of the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to communicate the brand’s new position to internal and external audiences. It should consistently accompany the brand’s logo in situations outlined by the brand architecture. Developing brand taglines are the most important next steps one can take once a brand has been positioned or repositioned.
A tagline should achieve all of the following for your brand:
  1. Communicate the brand’s unique value proposition (brand promise)
  2. Be succinct
  3. Be memorable
  4. Cause a person to want to know more about or interact further with the brand

Achieving all of the above is more easily said than done. Over time, researchers have found that the less sophisticated the client, the more they are primarily interested in a tagline that sounds good, even if it doesn’t really say the right thing or anything at all about the brand. Many relatively unsophisticated clients would choose a tagline option that sounds great but that is completely off brand strategy over one that just sounds good but perfectly communicates the brand’s unique value proposition and brand promise.
The unique value proposition and brand promise are similar. They both focus on the one or two key points of difference between the brand in question and other brands. Typically, these points of difference are brand benefits, benefits that are relevant, unique, compelling and believable for the brand in question. Brands typically focus on only one or two benefits and research has shown that people can’t link more than that number of benefits to a given brand in their minds. The first or most important benefit is sometimes referred to as the primary brand benefit.
Definitely, it is up to the brand consultant or marketer to create or recommend the perfect tagline, one that does all of the above, but the question is that how many clients are willing to walk away from their brand strategy to embrace a cool sounding tagline that means nothing. It is heard by marketers that their clients say many things about their required taglines such as: “Some like tagline because it could mean anything” or “some like that tagline because it could mean different things to different people.” Or worse yet, “That sounds so cool. Does it really matter if it communicates our brand’s promise?” Yes it does. Why bother with a tagline if it is not helping position one’s brand the way it want it to be positioned? Don’t settle for a tagline that just sounds good. Hence, keeps the process going until one has found and achieves all of the above criteria. By doing it in such a proper way one will be rewarded with a stronger brand.

Feb 10, 2012

How to Make a Lasting Impression at Marketing Events

Trying to be creative when devising your marketing plans for the year can be challenging but, if you're looking for something unique that might really help boost your brand awareness, it is worthwhile considering taking part in marketing events.
These public occasions give you the opportunity to tap into areas of the market that are still unfamiliar to your company or campaigns - plus, you can talk directly to future customers and clients, giving yourself a better idea of what they want to get out of your services.
If you really want to leave a lasting impression on potential consumers, give out free promotional items with your company's name, logo or campaign printed on them so passersby will be reminded of your brand identity time and time again.
Give people a treat
Most people don't turn down free food - and giving out complimentary sweets and treats is one of the best ways to attract attention from those walking by.
Place tubs of goodies on your stall and make sure your name is printed on them so visitors can immediately see who you are.
Or, you might prefer to give away packets of sweets so people can take the treats away with them and be reminded of your firm whenever they reach for something tasty to eat. Boxes of mints and small pots of chocolates are a great idea.
You might also wish to offer something fancier, such as a hamper as a prize for a raffle or tombola, which will attract attention from passersby, as well as allow you to take down details of potential customers which you can follow up after the event.
Offer promotional packs
Something else that could be a solution to your marketing needs is to give away promotional packs on your stall.
While freebies such as printed pens are great at attracting people's attention, if they can receive an entire bag full of goodies, they are more likely to head over to speak to you.
This will also allow you to give them lots of promotional items that they can use every day or give to friends and family, thereby spreading the word about your business further afield.
Fill branded tote bags with promotional pens - which are always useful to have around the house - along with bookmarks, badges and notepads, all with your company's name on them. Recipients are sure to be clear on what your brand identity is once they begin using all these products.
What's more, the goodie bag can double up as a useful shopping bag for when they're on the move or provide them with something to carry their things to and from work, with the added bonus of attracting the attention of passers by.
Make your promotional gifts stand out
Marketing events are full of companies trying to promote their business to prospective clients and customers, making it challenging to make your firm stand out from the rest.
However, don't feel defeated, as there are plenty of things you can do in order to tempt people over to your stall and away from competitors.
Why not offer them a promotional product that is unusual or special that they will definitely want to get their hands on?
You could hand out free wallets, health pedometers or pop-up ice buckets, as these are all sure to be items they won't find elsewhere at the event, making your stall a unique place to be.
Or, you could enter attendees into a competition to win something special, such as a camcorder or digital photo frame, which will help grab their attention and give you the opportunity to market your brand identity to the winners - and everyone else who enters.
These tips could help you secure more business easily, but don't forget to take a supply of lanyards, banners and wristbands to the event, as these will help quickly identify who you are and what you stand for to passersby.
If you have seen any great tips for marketing at exhibitions or trade shows, we'd love to hear to from you. Post a comment and let us know!

Feb 5, 2012

Strategic Branding Keys To Ensure Business Success

One needs to clearly define strategic focus and marketing vision for business. Next is to develop the IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) plan that incorporates and integrates the key strategies for advertising, marketing, and public relations. Then define the target market of business. After this draw down the marketing objectives and strategies by keeping in mind the target market. In further step every company have to develop a strong position statement that must offer a compelling message to the target market.
In order to achieve a top of mind awareness status in the target market minds remember to take effective actions regarding the customer care and communications. Always develop and implement an evaluation system for all marketing and branding activities. In a way to stand business towards a more productive track it is necessary to include the use of technology into marketing campaigns. Utilize the resources effectively especially personal contacts and other referral power in marketing tasks. Make a panel of highly qualified personnel to advice company base on their knowledge to establish it as a lead in the marketplace.
The critical things to do in a successful business are following: Make a habit to write everything related to marketing projects as it comes to mind. Divide goals, simply, make sub-goals from each goal it will make work easier. However, prepare a proper document for each goal and objective. For each goal or objective make a benchmark to follow. On a specific goal a team can work jointly so that it will accomplish with 100% success. It automatically improves their communications, planning, and implementation.
Commit to establish long-term relationship with actual and prospective customers. Hence, a company can take their patronage. Time management is crucial for every business, for every task, and for everyone. For this one can think it as what is the most important branding strategy to focus on at that time? What actions are important to do for that particular strategy? What are short-term and long-term goals related to it?
A company can hire a business coach to guide their employees about how to develop a goal and how to achieve it? Usually a business coach offer in its services the time management plan, build team for a specific project, encourage employees to implement positive behavior at workstations, and most importantly resolve issue among them as it occurs to maintain business productivity and success.

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