Jan 8, 2014

Fresh Trends in Online Marketing

Web designing for online brand building
Firstly, Designing is a crucial part for online brand building. Focus on great design to speak to your audience via online. Remember big brands specially Pinterest how quickly it grows online. Do attention in designing of website, ads and all that matters for the customers. 
Second, Mobile: worldwide 5 billion are approximately mobile users in which nearly 1 billion are the smart phone users. Mobile technologies and tools are growing amazingly than anything ever. Do use smartly the Mobile Application for your business fastest growth. 
Third one is video. Over 4 billion videos are watched everyday by various customers in search of a product. In the same context remember that a text have 10% retention power while an image has 65%. A smart mind will definitely go with video marketing for its brand. 
Next is Social Media that is getting smarter each day. It is an open opportunity for all types of businesses and available all the time.
Retargeting, many marketers fail to adopt that in their business strategy due the fact that they might not clear about the concept of retargeting. It is a simple approach to realize once more the customers that the product is a need for some particular situations for them as they leaving the site. 
Email MarketingSixth, email remarketing. It is another email to the prospect customer at the time it hit the site for shopping, At this time generating another email will boost his energy that site is valuing him as customer experience in a physical shop face-to-face interaction with the salesman. Often, it wins the customer heart and a solid reason of an online transaction process. 
Google +Social and search collision is on number seven. Social factor contributing in both elements paid search advertising and search engine optimization. Marketers are now on an easy angle of influencing their social circle like friends and family to boost their business. In this regard Google does fabulous job in launching Google +1 and Google + Circle. 
Conversion OptimizationOn number eight increased usage of HTML5 and CSS3. It is of great source of help and interest particularly for web developer as it allows them to work without certain hurdles such as JavaScript or Flash. 
Ninth is conversion rate optimization. It is a new approach in Google analytics to help marketers that which change affect the customer more and which change need not further conversion. It is a good approach to save time, effort, and money in applying and testing various conversions.
Last, Backlink clean-up, in this Google empowers site owners to control their backlinks which they think of bad links for their sites.

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