Jun 12, 2010

Outdoor advertising: Some striking features!

The purpose of each advertising campaign varies from another. Keeping this point in mind, advertisers implement various mediums of advertising which best suit the requirements of their brand promotion campaign. Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest mediums of brand promotion. Advertising brands through outdoor media vehicles such as billboards, hoardings, kiosks, posters, stimmers, banners etc have been in trend ever since the dawn of advertising in Pakistan. Some important features of outdoor advertising discussed in this article as are as:
Cost efficiency: Out of home advertising methods are cost effective ways to promote a brand or service because it is a kind of advertising that requires one time investment. One outdoor ad can be kept for weeks, months or even years (provided the ad is not weakened by weather or some other factors). Hence, in out of home advertising one doesn’t need to invest again and again. Just invest once and wait and watch to observe the impact.
Better reach: Outdoor ads provide better reach to customers as compared to other advertising mediums. This is because outdoor ads cannot be switched off like television or print ads. One can avoid a television ad by changing the channel but one cannot avoid an outdoor ad by staying inside home and not going out. The bottom line is that everyone moves out of home and while moving out of home, one happens to watch all those outdoor ads about various brands. The compelling viewership provided to audiences is one of the major advantages or features of an outdoor advertising campaign.
Potential to reach intended customers: Outdoor brand promotion practices such as airport advertising, mall advertising etc have potentials to reach the targeted customers. Airport advertising is one of the most common practices of outdoor brand promotion. Any advertising campaign whether home based or outdoor is successful if it reaches out to the target audience. In such a case, outdoor ads have the ability to reach and influence a defined target group with a rich brand experience.
Scope for creativity and longevity: Outdoor advertising provides more scope for creativity and longevity while promoting a brand, service, and an idea or business activity. This scope for creativity and longevity makes outdoor advertising an effective and reliable tool for brand promotion.
Consistent exposure to public: Outdoor ads whether airport advertising or mall advertising provide constant exposure about the brand to the general public. This is another striking feature or benefit of outdoor advertising. Maximum exposure in the market place means attracting a larger number of target audiences. Advertising is a customer-centric affair and attracting old/new pool of customers is equally important for an advertiser to promote his brand or service.
Outdoor advertising in Pakistan although is becoming trendy day by day. Especially with the advent of digital technology, outdoor advertising has undergone a radical change as compared to the conventional modes and techniques of brand promotion. The trends of outdoor advertising here are yet to do up and modernize further with a touch of technological sophistication.

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