May 11, 2010

A Recipe of Healthier Branding

Building a strong brand is not easier any more in this competitive era especially when a number of ways available to proliferation of communication for brands such as internet, several cable channels, and the smartest one technology of mobile marketing. In addition to this converging of product-performance towards customization made it hard for brands to sustain for a long run. But spending money without focusing on the customers’ buying behavior is a wild goes chase.    
Now-a-days a fashion change dramatically and no one like the same pattern of things regarding the age, social class, income, family size, location, lifestyle, attitude and other priorities settings. Today’s passion is more towards segment based product and marketing. Also one can choose a segment based approach as “starting point” and with the lapse of time can enhance its segments by identifying the reactions of segments that who worth more a particular brand.  
It’s a job of marketer to keep an eye on the most promising future segment and rethink about the brand positioning. Today’s marketer should focus on cost-effective but sophisticated branding approach and it would only be possible after analyzing what customers care about and transformation of brand accordingly. Other factor in building a healthier brand is conceptual clarity of brand in the consumers’ minds which actually will form a basic definition of a particular brand. Moreover, delivering the promise the brand made through a variety of communication paths or what is also known as “touch-points”.
Why my brand is very crucial question a marketer asked for frequently and in defining brand promise a marketer should see it as a key point that its brand would provide a bundle of tangible, intangible, functional, emotional benefits along with a separate identity which work for it in a long-run as a sustainable competitive advantage. It’s the only sign of a healthier branding. The example of such a brand is coca cola, Red Can beverage with which all consumers are familiar, like its taste, and that have a separate identity or an image in consumers’ mind of “an optimistic brand”.  
That‘s not enough for a brand to be alive forever. As previously mentioned that brands have some intangible features that should be relevant to the consumers and differentiate it from those of competitors which tie consumers emotionally with it is the necessity of the time for brands. These features are known as “brands drivers”. It can be one or multiple for a single brand. For coca cola it is “Fun”, “Family”, and “Entertainment”.

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