Jun 9, 2012

Top 3 Ways To Add Long Term Weight To Your Brand

This article explores the techniques and initiatives available to businesses which will enable them to develop and strengthen their brand, both in their niche market as well as generally.

Brand Development
Whether you are the CEO of a multinational corporation, owner of a small start-up business, or a self-employed trader, the identity and strength of your brand will undoubtedly be extremely important to you. Having a strong brand presence in every aspect, from quality products, to customer service and social responsibility, can help you truly stand out as a huge force in the business world. Brand development can truly help a business grow and transcend markets, offering huge opportunities for added value and growth across the organisation. A strong brand can be crucial for many reasons, including expansion, new product launches and seeking investment or venture capital.
Which are the top 3 ways you can aid your brand development and stand out from your competition?
  • Deliver Quality Every Time
This will appear quite an obvious one, but is an aspect that many businesses simply fail to deliver. Whether you are selling high end handbags or no frills food, the quality needs to be there to meet expectations and encourage repeat custom. We will explore advertising shortly, but no matter what your ad campaign says, the proof will be in the pudding. Travelodge do a great job of advertising rooms for £29 per night, yet struggle to deliver value even at such a low price!
  • Make Advertising Memorable
People know it’s Christmas when Coca-Cola say “Holidays Are Coming,” and this is probably the best advert on the planet for making people think of a specific time of year. Now we don’t all have the resources and clout of that company, but we can all make memorable adverts to get our customers hooked on our brand. Whether it’s a billboard, radio advert, or a simple flyer we post through the door, make it stand out and instantly relative to your brand.
Along with your advertising, ensure you have developed a tag line and a logo which makes you instantly recognisable. There are many marketing resources available online which will help you in coming up with brand defining tag lines and other advertising materials.
  • Get People To Care
This doesn’t mean you have to donate 50% of your profits to charity, but there are simple business practices which can help get people onside. Whether it is a standalone public relations campaign to raise awareness of your brand, or regular press releases to discuss your stance on current affairs, you can use both of these to boost your brand awareness. You don’t need to get involved in political debates, but you can deliver a great social responsibility program and let people know you stand for environmental protection and ending poverty, for example.
By carrying out these good branding practices, you will be putting your business in a prime position to remain successful and relevant for many years to come.

Guest post courtesy of DealMarket. Dealmarket is a recent start-up company that offers a more efficient and accessible private equity marketplace. It offers an extensive global private equity platform.


  1. Yes friend i totally agreed with you. Make Advertising Memorable is most important factor in branding. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Excellent post!! I am sure many will benefit from it!! I have bookmarked this page and would love to recommend it to my friends!! Thank you!

  3. Hi faheem shahzad, i agree with your writing. You need to organize your business service and promotion strategies to satisfy your consumers. It assist your business for long term.


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