Aug 9, 2010

How “Brand Mascot” help in branding a product to sell it.

Mascots are a type of marketing that allows companies to immediately become unique even in the most saturated of niches. Mascots have several valuable benefits to them including giving the organization personality. Mascots generally create positive, happy feelings in people conditioned by when used correctly and this can do wonders for the selling techniques. Mascots can be used for entertainment value and even an attraction value.                
Mascots are there to sell the brand by promoting the business and putting a “face” to that business. There are a few important factors to remember when creating a mascot, which will ultimately help the brand, which will help the product and help the company to sell and market the goods and services.
A Happy Mascot influences Customer. Actually the things in surrounding mold feelings of human beings from inside. Having a happy mascot guarantees that even on a bad day the customers will crack a smile at such a wonderful experience. With the stress and worries revolved around everyday life people look forward at an exciting shopping experience for an escape. Usually this excitement will come through the products they purchase. 

Secondly, Bright colors attract the eye. It’s as simple as that. With a mascot with bright colors, you can turn any packaging into something eye-catching and stunning. It is a well known marketing technique that bright colors sell products. 

Be Bold (Where no one’s’ has gone before). The fact is that not all mascots have to be cute and cuddly to get someone’s attention. People love mascots that have attitude in a sense of personality. Create a mascot that will really catch people attention and keep them glued to the product. A great example is M& M’s. They’ve created profiles for their little different colored mascots and they’re a hit & not only with children but adults too. 

Make Sure the Character is Huggable especially when someone has to sell kids’ products. If company has a huggable & cuddly mascot, a kid will most likely be drawn to this mascot. The trick is to make it as cuddly as possible and to bring the inner child of an adult out as well.

Make the Brand Mascot Agile means quick & alert. An agile mascot can be used throughout the entire branding campaign. Emails, letters, websites, product packaging and the possibilities could be endless for the use of a versatile mascot

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