Aug 23, 2011

Brand Activation: A Process of Business Re-definition

Brand activation is looking deeper into the possibilities within the brand, its strategy and position to find assets that have relevant consequences for the whole company. Brand ambassador is one among them. An active brand offers products and services that deliver on the brand position. It meets the customer in a personal manner closely related to the position. But brand activation is also communicating the position through advertising mainly via ambassadors’ act as a tool for them in this regard.
When activating a brand look for the core features that constitute the brand. It might be the communicated position or promised customer benefit or the company vision or people policy strategies and tactics that often are relevant for the whole company. Therefore, effective brand activation starts with a defined brand. When exploring the brand for activation, search for answers to how the brand can be relevant, adaptable and profitable. In some companies, the brand may not be stated or articulated in a way that easily translates into personal behavior, attitude or mission etc.
Increased profits are one of the major drivers of change and development. Perceiving profit as growth in sales figures or in number of items, exploring the brand unravels new opportunities for sustainable growth. In today’s postmodern society, merely offering supreme product features on a functional or emotional level is not sufficient. While the basic idea about active brands is to execute the brand in other terms than marketing, the real value lies in the opportunities it creates. Most fundamentally, brand activation contributes in creating trust between the customer, the society and the brand.
Branding is much more than advertising. The time has come for companies to leverage the brand asset within the entire organization. The postmodern individual demands that brands live up to their promises in every interaction whether it is through products and services, employees, identity or communication. A coherent brand in these four areas will gain trust and loyalty with its customer enabling profitable relationships between brands and people.

The mission is to get the customer satisfied as fast as possible and to leave just as fast with a happy face. Thus the brand position can change focus without interfering with the core identity. It’s necessary to search for solutions where the brand can support, guide and re-define the company uniquely in odd times. The main point in this process of brand activation is to help companies become a coherent brand whatever situation or customer relation.

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