Nov 3, 2010

Customer Care Process: Permission Marketing

This branding strategy based on the fact of turning strangers into friends and then friends into customers. When first introduced it changed the entire outlook of marketing and actually dramatically changed the beauty of one’s business bottom line. The first, most common, most expensive, most ineffective and most old-fashioned is interruption marketing. The New Rules of Marketing That is marketing such as a TV commercial, radio spot, magazine or newspaper ad, telemarketing call, or direct mail letter interrupts whatever one’s doing to state its message. Most people pay very little attention to it because now more than ever there is so much of it and also because many minds now unconsciously filter it out. While the opposite of interruption marketing is the newest, least expensive, and most effective kind. It's called permission marketing because prospects give their permission for it to market something.
It works like this one offer a prospects an enticement to volunteer to pay attention to its marketing. The enticement may be a prize for playing a game. It could be information prospects consider to be valuable. It might be a discount coupon.(How To Use Coupon Codes When Shopping Online to Save Money) Perhaps it's membership to a privileged group such as a frequent buyer club, a birthday club. Maybe it's entry into a sweepstakes. And it might even take the form of an actual free gift. All one can ask in return is permission to market to the people, Nothing else!
Once a person have embarked upon a permission marketing campaign company can spend less time marketing to strangers and more time marketing to friends. She can move the marketing from beyond mere reach and frequency and into the realm of trust. Once company has obtained permission from its prospects its marketing will take on three exciting characteristics. It will be anticipated, meaning people will actually look forward to hearing from a company. It will be personal meaning the messages are directly related to the prospect. And also it will be relevant meaning company knows for sure that the marketing is about something in which the prospect is interested.Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers
Permission marketing is not about share of market or not even about share of mind. Instead, it's about share of wallet. Company finds as many new actual customers as it can and then extract the maximum value from each customer. Hence company converts the largest number of prospects into customers by using prospect invaluable permission to accomplish this. It focuses on its marketing only to prospects and not on the world at large.

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