Nov 5, 2010

Online Branding Myths

Through going online one will able to reach millions of customers. But in fact having a site on the web doesn't mean one will automatically reach millions of customers similarly as having a book in publication doesn’t means that it has gauge automatic reach of millions of readers. There may be possibility that millions of people capable of accessing one’s world wide web page right now but only if one have to promote website through discussion group participations, ads, announcements, directory listings, e-mails, links on other sites, and off-line publicity before one will attract a lot of visitors.
Secondly, High hit counts contribute to the grossly inflated notions of the Web's magical ability to reach people. But a site will always get far more hits than it does actual human visitors. Simply, "Hits Don't Equal Visits," for more information regarding customers’ interests. Thirdly, it’s totally wrong that the more graphics show the better efforts of branding strategies. The prettiest site on the Web is useless if visitors with non-graphical browsers can't tell what it is or how to navigate in it. Too many sites are immeasurable even to graphical browser users who view them without loading the images. And even interested visitors would not wait to see what one are offering if they have to tail off too many minute-long downloads as images load. Use small image files. Offer a text-only option at the top of home page. And let visitors know how large big image files are so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to display them.The Confession: A Novel
Finally and mostly Sounds and video are simple said by the visitors. All of us hear lots of hot air about the multimedia nature of the Web but Web sites have a long way to go before they resemble TV set or even a CD-ROM playing on PC. If one is expecting to point and click to listen or hear multimedia clips he/she will be disappointed. When software developers and content providers completely integrate video and sound player capabilities and overcome the lack of standards and bandwidth constraints for modem connections one might be able to use multimedia. 
But still until then video and sound files have to be downloaded and they require a player utility in order to perform on PC. Video files in particular can be of multi-megabyte that may take many minutes to download. Further, there are different players for different PC platforms. The web sites that offer best sounds or video also offer a selection of players one can download to ensure that he/she will be able to experience the sound or movie on his PC no matter what kind it is.Toy Story
In an epitome, web or online brand presence is not an easy task one would think about it. It needs a person or an organization that love creativity and want to be an innovator then and only then he/she could handle it properly.

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